What's done is done, can't change the past or what we've become
It's clear that you're the one who's lost and we're the ones who've won
But just as quick as I could clench my fist
and beat it through your narrow brain
I'll just turn my back, you're not worth my time
I'll walk away

We all went through the phase of laying the blame
but for you, it seems that you're trapped in your ways
It's a shame. Wish I could say I cared, but I made it clear, so be prepared

Embracing your weakness doesn't make it a strength
It just reassures us that you'll never change
There's no turning back from the line that you've crossed
It's clear that we've won and you have lost

These games, games that we play, the'yre all the same
But somehow for you (the rules) they change
You refuse to see it's you that are wrong
and you're no better than me

Just as quick as I could clench my fist
and beat it through your thick head
I'll walk away instead 'cause you're the one whos lost in the end

You're no better than me.


from Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation Vol. 2, released March 25, 2012
Song by Caught In Crowd
From their seven inch "You've Lost", out on Camp Records.



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The Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation features Massachusetts Hardcore's best current bands. Spreadin' the hardcore reality in 13'.

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