A full house, a loving husband and two children
A picture painted to near perfection
But from the canvas color was missing
There was no tainted image
But from a glancing eye
Deep inside that house there was a troubled mind
Built up stress from past neglect
Sent mother dear to the rivers edge

Water reflecting light
Bowed back from the childrens eyes
Events unfolding to devils delight
Chemical imbalance in mothers mind
"I'll save you from the worlds danger
No one can give you the love that i gave you."
This isn't the end, this is where we begin

Forearms thrust as the children feel the waters rush
Surging waves and elevated heart rates
As the liquid devours their face
A tear gets lost in the sand

A tear gets lost in the sand

Water reflecting light
Serving a tear in the childrens eyes
Events unfolding to devils delight
A chemical imbalance in mothers mind

Clenched fists, turn to cold hands

Destined to dance with the damned

"It'll be for the best when this ends"
The End.



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The Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation features Massachusetts Hardcore's best current bands. Spreadin' the hardcore reality in 13'.

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