Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation Vol. 2

by Massachusetts Is A Coffin



released March 25, 2012

Artwork by Mike Vickers
Released by Where It Ends Zine


all rights reserved



Massachusetts Is A Coffin Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation features Massachusetts Hardcore's best current bands. Spreadin' the hardcore reality in 13'.

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Track Name: Abomination - Guillotine
Church bells ring through the morning fog, like a dinner bell calling the hungry dogs. From their homes, the masses come crawling, never to return, the blade starts falling. Blood drenches elated faces. Macabre display for all the ages. Squalid crowds of the necro-lusting, cheering for death, so disgusting. Kneel down—in the Guillotine. Face down—in the Guillotine. Single file, the damned wait to die. Black hoods conceal the tears in their eyes. Men without morals begging for solace. What was once man, now a headless carcass. Winds blows cold, you can see their final breath. Beheaded, by the axe-of-death. Kneel down—in the Guillotine. Face down—in the Guillotine. The last head falls yet they still scream for more. Intoxicated by this orgy of gore. Your body writhes as the nerve ends die. Decapitated for the crimes you deny.
Track Name: Anti-Venom - Dead Weight (ft. Mike of Abomination)
I fell too far, no turning back,
Truth is there, I can't jump the tracks.

You don't know being alone, til you don't know yourself.
You don't know defeat, til you don't ask for help.
You don't know how to live, til you know how to die.
The roads you paved are a trench, you can survive.

(So I) Destroy the whole world that I loved.

Its hard for me to understand, the man I supposed to be.
Prisoner of pain, tortured by love.
No safe place to stand.
Forever holding on to the fact, your not coming back, you'll never, come back.

Tearing out hair, tearing out eyes,
Punching holes in my mind to cope with being alive,
Questions at night make it harder to breathe,
Am I the one who sabatoged me?
So I pray, pray, pray, but why do I?
So I pray, pray, pray, that I'll die, die, die.

Born a fucked up kid, be a fucked up kid for life.
Never know which way to go, forever roam the world.
Track Name: Apes Of Wrath - Bridge Burner
I know I've made my mistakes
But in the end, I know my fucking place
Another bridge goes up in flames
You flicked a match and walked away

True friends would never do what you do
And now its over, for the shit you put me through
Your actions speak louder than words
Fuck you I'm out
I ain't got time for turds
No fucking time for turds

You fucked it up again
Lost another friend
The lessons never learned
You'll do it all again

They say you'll never change
I guess they're fucking right
I know one things for sure
It ain't goin down tonight

You fucked it up again
Lost another friend
The lessons never learned
You'll do it all again

(APES OF WRATH approves of the use of the word turd in our music)
Track Name: Black Sheep - The Reaper
Trying to be a better man
Nothing seems to work out for me
Everything I do drags me down
Drags me down

Every time I try to, get a head
I get pushed back, so far behind
I don't even know, where to begin
Time's almost up, I'm full of sin

No way out, the reapers almost here
No time for, time for me to fear
Clocks ticking, the minutes pass me by
The reapers waiting, waiting for me to die

It's too late
I'm too late
Track Name: The Bonus Army - Moving On
I'm leaving everything that I know.
These past two years with nothing to show.
I was so tired of wasting my time.
Now I'm moving on with the past behind.

I'm moving on so get out of my way.
I'm growing up every fucking day.
I'm moving on, the new me starts here.
I wont go back because I don't care .
I don't care.
Track Name: Caught In A Crowd - You've Lost
What's done is done, can't change the past or what we've become
It's clear that you're the one who's lost and we're the ones who've won
But just as quick as I could clench my fist
and beat it through your narrow brain
I'll just turn my back, you're not worth my time
I'll walk away

We all went through the phase of laying the blame
but for you, it seems that you're trapped in your ways
It's a shame. Wish I could say I cared, but I made it clear, so be prepared

Embracing your weakness doesn't make it a strength
It just reassures us that you'll never change
There's no turning back from the line that you've crossed
It's clear that we've won and you have lost

These games, games that we play, the'yre all the same
But somehow for you (the rules) they change
You refuse to see it's you that are wrong
and you're no better than me

Just as quick as I could clench my fist
and beat it through your thick head
I'll walk away instead 'cause you're the one whos lost in the end

You're no better than me.
Track Name: Defeater - Cemetery Walls
Climb those cemetery walls again
Leave these flowers at your headstone
Climb those cemetery walls again
Every night; can’t stand the sight of yourself

“Now that you’re gone, what am I to do?
But get lost in this bottle… thinking of you”
You drink till you’re sick
“Trace the grooves in your stone”
Plot where you’ll bury him
The man that left you alone

Climb those cemetery walls again
Leave these flowers at your headstone
Climb those cemetery walls again
Every night; can’t stand the sight of yourself

You drink till you’re sick, feel the dew in the grass
As the sun’s coming up, watch a funeral pass

And you think to yourself, “That should have been me”
Two in the family plot, when you wish it were three”

Climb those cemetery walls again
Leave these flowers at your headstone
Climb those cemetery walls again
Can’t stand the sight of yourself
Track Name: Dry Heave - Bad Vibes
Your poor attitude effects everyone, so down on life when you used to have fun. Get it together don't be so lame, live this way end up alone again. There comes a time to grow up. There's more to life than being all fucked up. Don't come back until you've had enough. I admit I love the escape, I'm looking at a grim fate. The world doesn't revolve around you, it opens up with a better view. Poor mental attitude, the escape now entraps you. Live with my positive vibes, it's time to rule your life. I admit I love the escape, I'm looking at a grim fate. I'll live with my bad vibes, a fucking crutch will rule my life.
Track Name: Foxfires - Good Fences
I always wondered what the night says to the dawn, do they acknowledge their failure as the hand off power to the sun?
Does the ocean say goodbye as it slinks away from the sand?
Is there nostalgia as the water draws back its icy hand?
I never had a Virgil who kept me safe from the demons along the way and I never knew a Dante to rewrite a history that I couldn't escape.
I came to terms a long time ago that there will be nobody left to sing these songs to should I grow old.
As if I even had a choice in the matter.
It was the times that we had, it was decisions that we made, it was believing in something, even if it was fake.
Of course I've had regrets, of course I've felt shame, I've lived this life day-by-day so of course I've made mistakes.
It was the times that we had, it was decisions that we made, it was believing in something, even if it was fake.
Of course we've had regrets, of course we've felt shame, we live this day by day so of course we've made mistakes.
My neighbor, can you see me?
The way I imagine that I see you?
My neighbor, do you hear me?
Lord knows that I have listened to you.
And oh lover, do you feel me?
The way I thought that I felt about you,
I turned that page,
I turned that page,
I turned that page but the ink still stains my hands.
Track Name: Hammerfaced - Low Spirits(Ft. Phil of Anti-Venom/Villain)
Lay awake an empty bed. All alone wish I was dead.
Trapped inside this cage I built, the passion I had has begun to wilt.
Life's lost it's luster. Pleasure lust please. Deep in my mind and I'm begging release
Anger in life and a lack of control, on all events god please save my soul.
Torn apart limb from limb, could I be forgiven for all these sins.
Lay awake and empty bed, all alone wish i was dead.
trapped inside this cage I built the passion I had has begun to wilt.
World outside doesn't want me. A world of trash is all that i see.
Overexertion and stress, stuck in this rut, sea of depression, my life it sucks.
Stuck in this, mailase for days in a sea of depression, look to learn from the past but I can't find the lesson.
Tired of trying, tired of giving, tired of loving, sick of living!
Sew to deep the seeds of regret, I know to well the pains they beset.
Broken, bruised, forgotten, sore, hell is a shelter I don't leave anymore.
I'm sleeping the day away and praying for rain, hope a flood comes down wash away the pain,
so wash me away.
Please wash me away.
Just wash me away...
Track Name: Hostage - October Mourning
Cook it down and shoot it up it pierces the skin and enters the blood. You say you leave this world and all your problems behind but you've gone too far you crossed the line. Grinning at me with a toothless smile, believing all your lies, I'm in denial. Believing every word and that its in youre past. But youre gone now. You made you're peace with god under tear soaked grass. A dirty bag killed my friend the pain I feel will never end. To know that Ill never see youre face again, you're just a ghost without a shoulder to lend.
Track Name: Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan - Starring Jamie Lynn Spears In Madonna's Papa Don't Preach
Heaven sent
Hell awaits
Heaven sent
Hell awaits



The cannibals here will eat their young
The cannibals are

Heaven sent
Hell awaits

The cannibals here will eat their young
The cannibals are

Never hungry
Never waits
Never fucking
World awaits

Yellow journalist
There’s nothing left
It’s on the front page

Yellow journalist
There’s nothing left
It's just a sex tape

Yellow journalist
There’s nothing left
To imagination

Yellow journalist
There’s nothing left
You’re all just ashamed of us
Track Name: Matahari - No Longer Narrow
Once feeling guilty like this world is against me, ive done no wrong.
I remained silent,sentenced to time spent searching for the answers to my own words.

I used to think that I was wrong.
without words I have realized there is meaning in knowing how,and where of who I want to be.
I'm no longer a prisoner,the burden ive carried was careless denial.
no longer, I must rise through the crust, I roam free without chains.
no longer narrow.

I've broken my silence down.
I've denied the coming of this day.

horizon's expanding, dark clouds have passed.
its become clarified,flashed repeatedly before my eyes.
now seen in true color, no sight for me.

I once felt guilty for this world is against me,
ive done no wrong.
I remained silent,
sentenced to time spent searching for the answers
to my own words.

I'm becoming a burden on this world
once forsaken, abandoned by my faith.
I followed nothing, pledged allengence to a fucking ghost.
I've become a burden on this world.
once forgotten, I'm reborn without hope.
Ive become a burden on this world to find ive been wronged.
Track Name: My Fictions - Same Grave
I don't know what to blame for why I shy away so much
But I'm taking steps forward towards facing all of my faults
Take my ego hostage; sign the ransom note as the holy ghost and bring my agnostic eyes to the pit of my chest, the sightline of my stomach because i can't digest a single thing about this place
And when I die I won't know anything and it won't mean a fucking thing
It's going to come down soon, I've been running scared I don't feel prepared
Oh my sweet serene, don't I love how you've been watching me?
I take the good with the bad, I guess, at least someone's watching, I validate my existence through self loathing
And when I look at my life, it's a procession through fluorescent lights
A synthetic sun I keep shying myself away from
And when I think of all the people I've wronged I just want to be left alone
But I'm forever stuck here to reflect
You know I hate how I get but this distance is developing
And I can't lie in the same grave for a week at a time in my ever-changing mind
This destiny draws into a black hole and I'm circling the drain as I wait for the end
Now I know why I'm afraid to die, I'm just so sick of crossing lines
and I feel as if I fucking hate myself
As if I can't relate to anyone outside my self
To anything at all, so sick of building walls
Like I scared my self out of it
Because whenever I leave the house I just want to go back inside
and I guess that's why I can't believe the myth that we are always moving forward
Track Name: New Lows - Last Of The Rats
Kenmore Square's been nowhere for ten years,
Faces fade and disappear
Shadows shrank and collapsed
Over the last of the rats
A Berlin wall severs sides of citgo city streets.
Flames changed dreams- Into debris
The sands of time - are just grit in my eyes
Track Name: Our Side - No Place
You look down on me
because I'm not like you
but it's very clear
(that) you're the damn fool.
What have you done?
I have no respect for leeches like you -
You have no effect

Go spread your lies
We laugh in your face
Finally you will be put in your place
I don't understand
I can't fucking see
The way that you think - I do not agree

In our scene, you have no place
Your "tough" attitude flies in my face
So get a fucking hint and go away
We've made it real clear, you're not here to stay
Track Name: Plagues - Insects
I don't watch that TV news shit.
It makes me sick, I could care less.
Disappointments, I could careless
Self-Destruction is haunting my days.

I'm done with helpless hope not paving the way,
I'll pack these bags and never see your face.
I can't tell you what is real...
Every day I wake up to Insects destroying my brain.

You don't see how it feels. I try and try but you don't...
Track Name: Powerwolves - Heavy Lies The Crown
This world gave you everything
While better men met their end
You lined your pockets with our blood
We placed a crown upon your head
You felt nothing
When people had nothing
Now you're suffering
And those you've wronged line up to watch you beg
Heavy lies the crown
Feel it crushing you down
Heavy lies the crown
Feel the weight as it crushes you down
Feel it now
I'll never forget what you did
Even though you did
I'll never forgive what you did
The blame remains upon your head
A more fitting end to your reign
Would to be dragged through the streets
I hope your face rots
I hope you drown in the blood of your god
Then you'll know the pain you've caused
But not before the sharks take you apart.
Track Name: Raw Sex - Cleansing Tides
A full house, a loving husband and two children
A picture painted to near perfection
But from the canvas color was missing
There was no tainted image
But from a glancing eye
Deep inside that house there was a troubled mind
Built up stress from past neglect
Sent mother dear to the rivers edge

Water reflecting light
Bowed back from the childrens eyes
Events unfolding to devils delight
Chemical imbalance in mothers mind
"I'll save you from the worlds danger
No one can give you the love that i gave you."
This isn't the end, this is where we begin

Forearms thrust as the children feel the waters rush
Surging waves and elevated heart rates
As the liquid devours their face
A tear gets lost in the sand

A tear gets lost in the sand

Water reflecting light
Serving a tear in the childrens eyes
Events unfolding to devils delight
A chemical imbalance in mothers mind

Clenched fists, turn to cold hands

Destined to dance with the damned

"It'll be for the best when this ends"
The End.
Track Name: Revenge - Nervous Wreck
Anxiety attacks
And it's not fucking held back
For everything I lack
This noose wont cut me any slack
I’ve got nothing to give back
Im waiting for the falling axe
This weight breaks my back
I’ve got the world on my shoulders and im starting to crack
Broken hands in my empty pockets
Tear my scornful eyes out of my own eye sockets
So bring me down again
Prove to me I have no fucking friends
No one would care if I was fucking dead
These thoughts haunt my fucking head
Im breaking down im falling out
Should call it quits but I'm not that smart
I'm fucking falling apart
Track Name: Rewind - Losing Touch
I wish I could just rewind...
(to) find a way to go back in time.
To push away all this shit and keep me from losing my mind.
I can't find new ways to cope with the mistakes I made years ago...
If everything has a meaning, when will this meaning show?


But repetition found its way to break me down inside,
just let the past die.
Track Name: Rude Awakening - Severed Ties
What once was will never be the same. Exposed to the blind, through playing your games. As the page turns the final chapter begins. This is a battle that you'll never win. Compassion's fucking dead to me. I'm done sleeping through reality. I gotta pick it up. Severed Ties, Memories Faded, Lost Friendship, People turn jaded, Broken Bonds, Bullshit Lies, I hope you bleed fucking dry.
Track Name: Sex Scene - Abused
Back to hatred back to love sick
Back to anger and depression
For every time I've been built up
Just to be broken down
I will not apologize, take one last look into angry eyes
This vicious cycle's getting old
Another night spent passed out cold
Back to hatred back to love sick
Back to anger and depression
For everytime this fragile smile faded to a frown
I will not apologize take one last look into angry eyes
This vicious cycles getting old
Another night spent passed out cold
Couldn't remedy my malcontent
It's poisoning my blood
When it rains it fucking pours on me
My whole life's been a fucking flood
Look at what you're doing to me
Track Name: Streetsweeper - Real Talk
Put the real in the talk, cuz you've never seen this side of me.
Stumble & rumble, yea I'm pressing on while you retreat.
Cuz I know then, you'd just try to style on me.
But now you burn, when people turn there's lessons learned.

Put the real in the talk
For you to, see

Now is time to show your face in present day. Nothing but a sucka, stubborn in your own ways. But what did you think? We would just carry on? Now is now, so get up and be gone.

I'm not giving up son, for you to see. Me.

This is the end of you my friend. No use in hating, I'll go with the flow. Now that I see what you are to me. Nothing but a chump for all to see.
Track Name: Swamps - Kill The Cold
Face to face, feelin' shot in the face
Trying to erase the taste you left inside my..
Mouth to mouth, trying to revive myself
That heart of stone you buried in my chest

Ice cold witch I cannot stand your shit
I cannot sleep at night, only dreaming of your..
Face to face, feelin' shot in the face
Trying to erase the taste you left inside my mouth

These haunted streets I walk at night Can't stay inside and think about..
Your eyes are burnt into my mind
I'd break my bones to stand beside..

Dig myself a deeper hole, crawl inside to kill the cold
That heart of stone, it never bleeds Just slit my throat so I can sleep.

Still no love for the weak
Nothing that's left in me
Caught in the cycle again
Track Name: Tenebrae - No Voice
Racial tension fuels political lies
The more were blind the more they dine
We blame the media we blame the pope
Don't blame yourself keep believing in hope
War on the streets gets no time
Cause ratings count and you're all blind
What's going on? Are the youth to far gone
To open their eyes and fight whats wrong

We the people have no voice
Why bother vote cause it's not our choice
A country that's built on our families honor and backs
Feed a generation of kids that are deaf blind and cracked

No voice.

One nation forced under false gods
It's so visible there's no justice at all
We're all eating their poison believing more lies
Will you stand up or lay down and die
Time to revolt? or stay hypnotized
Deceased is respect and forgotten is pride
Can this land be saved its been so wrong so long
Its coming to boil and soon will explode

Pledge defiance to all that's wrong
There is no justice, none at all
Pledge defiance to all that's wrong
Our liberty is fucking gone
Track Name: Villain - Fed Up(Short Answer)
Fuck The Hype.
Track Name: Vultures - Not Guilty
We weren't causing no trouble just a couple of friends
On saturday night at a quarter to ten
Blue lights in the mirror oh shit it's the cops
We were fucked from the start
We were bound to get stopped
Your just a punk mother fucker with a badge and a gun
You think your better than everyone
You act like your above the law
Spread your legs and put your hands on the car
That's what they said when they locked me up
One night in jail and now my life is fucked
You cant escape from their fucking clutch
I'm trapped and I'm stuck in a rut
I'm so sick of failing but I'll never give up
Not guilty fuck the police
Not guilty their a fucking disease
Not guilty fuck the police
Not guilty

If I see you in the streets without a badge and a gun
We can have a little chat with my fucking gat
I won't shoot you but I'll give you a smack
Your priority number one, you don't want that
Track Name: Wolf Whistle - En Attendant Hudon
Acushnet's gold boy is absent tonight.
No one's observing Route 6.
Dartmouth's strip joints are quiet.

Waiting for Ryan. Waiting to drive.
Circles. Laps. An all-night ride.

MA has a void. VA has us beat.
Bring a long strong rope to the woods of Friend's Academy.

Paint dries. Grass grows.